At my school volleyball was a strange sport. Our boys varsity team consisted of mostly seniors that were known as the cool kids. They didn’t really take it that seriously, which makes sense since it was the first year most of them had played, and their coach was the vice principal. On the other hand, the girls volleyball team was completely different. It was very competitive and a much more serious thing. Lots of people went to the games, and I don’t think the only reason was to watch a bunch of girls in attractive clothes, it was because they were actually talented and passionate about the sport. Volleyball for girls is typically more enjoyable to watch because the nature of the sport for the girls is a lot more different than it usually is for the men.

If you’re interested in playing volleyball for your school, regardless of whether you’re a guy or girl, I would first suggest that you learn the rules of the game. If it’s your first time playing volleyball, get some help from someone that was on the team last year. Maybe you could get a friend or two to join the team with you so that you won’t feel alone.

The next step would be to get the gear required to play volleyball. That means you will probably have to drive over to your local sporting goods store and make a couple of purchases. Look out for the volleyball section and talk to the people that work there and see what you will need to buy.

After that, you should start practicing. But first, if you are out of shape, start off by running a couple of days before you get into actually practicing the sport of volleyball. You don’t want to be exhausted during tryouts, because that will obviously limit your physical ability and make it look like you’re not too good at the sport. So make sure you get your cardio in, whether that be on the treadmill, outside running around town, or even jumping jacks or jumping rope. Whatever you prefer that helps to improve your stamina and get you used to playing volleyball for long periods of time without getting tired.

Unless you are playing at a nearly professional level, you will not need to worry about what the weather is like outside, because you will be playing inside in a gym. But if you are training for volleyball in the great outdoors, you might want to know what the weather will be like before you get outside and discover that it just started raining and won’t let up for another hour. If you could know exactly when it would start to rain and even get notifications before it started to rain, this would probably boost your productivity a lot wouldn’t it? Well lucky for you, there’s this great app called weather pro gratuit that you can get that has all of the above features, and is particularly helpful for athletes to get the inside scoop on the weather.


Don’t let small things like your hair get in the way of your ability to play the game. Believe it or not, one teammate of mine was so obsessed with his hair that he made it a hassle to get his helmet on his head because he spent 20 minutes putting wave pomade in every morning and that would ruin his entire process for the week. Make sure that your hair is good to go.

At my high school baseball was a fun sport that was very competitive at the varsity level, but not so much at JV and barely competitive at the freshman level. Lots of people who played baseball in grade school tried out for the freshman team every year, but not everyone could make it. And that process continued next year for JV and varsity. If you are a talented baseball player you can have a ton of fun hitting with friends on the weekends in preparation for tryouts. You get really close to your teammates really quickly, as you know if you’ve played baseball before. Baseball is one of those sports that can be fun no matter what the score is if you have the right set of teammates that know how to have fun and look at the bright side, even if the only apparent bright side is that one player’s mom brought cupcakes to celebrate.

If you are worried about making the team, just practice during the offseason and do your best to prepare for what you know you have to do, which includes baserunning, hitting, fielding, etc. Work on your physical condition and make sure you are in shape for anything that the coaches might through at you on tryout day. Don’t let anything stop you from getting better and reaching your goals. Also make sure that you set your goals high so that you don’t get complacent. Baseball is a really unique sport. If you want to become the best player in your school that is definitely possible. On the other hand, if you are just playing to have a good time and spend some quality time with friends, that’s also certainly possible. Make sure you know what you what to get out of the sport before you start playing it. If you are being stressed out by demanding coaches and practices when all you want to do is have fun, then you should reconsider playing. On the other hand, if you want to be a college baseball player in the future, you can’t make those types of excuses. Push forward and reach your goals.

Another great thing to do is to befriend your coaches early on in the season. You don’t have to be a teacher’s pet or anything, but you should definitely have a good relationship with your coach, and also your teammates to add to that. Add some humor to the practices if you can do that without disrespecting anyone or doing something that is going to distract your teammates from doing what they should be doing.


At my school, we recruited players from all across the world to play basketball for us, among a few other sports. I didn’t even realize how this affected me until after I stopped playing basketball. As a result of our varsity team consisting of some of the top players in the state, I didn’t really have a chance to grow in my basketball skill through my school, so I was unfortunately very limited in playing time for my first and only two years of high school basketball. Hopefully your school is not like this, and you will be able to enjoy high school basketball by having fun on the court with friends instead of cracking jokes with friends on the bench while players play down from varsity to help your team out and take your minutes.

Basketball is one of the most intense sports that you can play, so it’s definitely not recommended that you try out for the team if you haven’t played before, preferably competitively. If your school has a freshman team and you are a freshman, it could be a good idea to try out for that team if you aren’t confident in your skills yet. That is usually not as serious as the other levels, but is still fun to compete in and increase team chemistry as you work with your teammates to start to run plays and go through more advanced intricacies of the game.

It’s also a good idea to know how to play basketball before trying out. You should be completely familar with the following terms: screen, pick, elbow, floater, layup, hedge, jab step, etc. Make sure you can understand everything the announcers of an NBA game are saying. This should be easy for you if you have been playing basketball for a few years.

High school basketball is usually about winning at all levels, not about fairness, equal playing time, or anything like that. As a result, you should try to help out your team by doing what you are good at, whether that is defense, rebounds, or scoring. Don’t just try to shoot as much as you can because you want to be like Kobe. Listen to your coach and do what the team needs from you to win games, and you will probably be having fun. Don’t let the game stress you out, it’s all for fun.


We’ll start off this website’s post history with a sport that’s not usually mentioned with the popular high school sports. Tennis is a great sport that can be picked up in high school, unlike most other sports like basketball, baseball, football, etc. Tennis can be learned quickly if you are athletic, and it is tons of fun. Tennis in high school is generally much less serious than the demanding practice regimes of the sports I just mentioned, but it’s not a joke sport, you can definitely make it very competitive and seriously fun when you hit the upper varsity level. Even if you want to just play JV and have fun with it, tennis is very interesting, and it’s one of the most fun times I’ve had playing a sport for the first time.

Make sure that if you are new to the sport you grab a couple of friends, you might be able to play doubles and have your partner be your best friend, which helps with teammate chemistry and just overall enjoyment of the game. Even though tennis isn’t a team sport in the normal sense, if your team is anything like mine, you will get to know each other quickly during practices and you will get to enjoy some of the goofing around that is widespread in all sports, no matter what it is. Okay maybe golf is an exception now that I think of it. Either way, tennis is a lot more fun than you might think it is if you’ve never tried playing before and think that watching it on TV is boring.

When you get to the courts after school to hit tennis balls with friends and coaches that you never see anytime besides during practice and games, it’s an absolute blast. Tennis can help you get your mind off of school or anything else that is stressful, and is a great way to get an extra curricular activity on your resume to add to your list of activities if you’re thinking of college.

One thing that is pretty important when learning how to play tennis is to make sure that you pay close attention to what your coach tells you about gripping your racket, because that is extremely vital to hitting the ball correctly and getting better at the game. As you now, it’s not very fun to lose, but winning is really¬†fun. You don’t have to take it too seriously, but it definitely is more fun once you get the hang of the game and start beating other tennis players that have been playing for years while you just started playing two months ago. I still remember the day me and my friend won our first doubles match together. It was the only match me and him ever won, and it was the first and only time that we were doubles partners together. I’m not sure why our coach didn’t put us together before or after that, but winning that day was definitely a cool experience, and it was fun to tell all our friends that we actually won, considering our losing streak before that match.